How To Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

How To Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

A common issue I hear at WordPress meetups is people not receiving emails from their WordPress websites.

There could be a ton of technical reasons why WordPress (actually PHP) is not sending email notifications.

There is an easy fix, however, that bypasses PHP and the web servers infrastructure.

The plugin WP Mail SMTP makes sending out emails easy.

Install and activate the free version of the plugin.

You now have the option to send emails directly via your current email server using Gmail, Railgun, SendGrid or Other SMTP (your email service provider).

WP Mail SMTP Gmail Settings

These four methods will cover 99% of anyone’s need to send emails.

For each of the options, there is a link to detailed setup guides showing you how to configure the plugin for whichever service you want to use, step-by-step.

Sending a Test Email

Once you have configured the settings for your chosen mail service, click on the “Email Test” link at the top of the plugin setting.

Enter your email address, click the “Send Email” button and check your mailbox.

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