The Website Owner's Survival Guide

The Genius Way To Convert More Customers Into Recurring Revenue

Website Owner's Survival Guide

This guide helped me add $1,000's of additional revenue to my bottom line. Find out how.


Clients Are Begging Me To Look After Their Websites!

It’s understandable that some of your clients are going to say no to your upsell for a WordPress site care plan.

After all, it’s just a WordPress website – how hard can it be to keep it updated?

I’ve heard all the objections before and I know that looking after a WordPress website is darn hard work.

So, why not “educate” your clients on how much time and effort it really takes to properly maintain a WordPress website?

This is where the Website Owner’s Survival Guide (WOSG) comes in.

The WOSG will provide your client with a single resource containing their website’s important details such as hosting company, account details, website logins, DNS and more, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedules and troubleshooting guides to help them solve the common problems that come up when maintaining a WordPress website.

The guide and its complementary email sequence can be used as a tool to upsell your website site care plans without the hard face-to-face sales pitch.

The WOSG tells them exactly what they should be doing to care and maintain their site.

I know, it sounds counterintuitive at first – why would you tell them all the secrets of the industry – the stuff you’ve worked hard to master and craft into a service?

But it works!  It really works!

The WOSG, when used properly becomes a sales tool, always pointing back to your website care plans.

The website owner will come to realise they would rather be spending time growing their business and making money and will be happy to purchase your website site care plan to give them back that precious money-making time.

Let me provide you with my customisable template and email template sequence, the same one that I have personally used to convert thousands of dollars of recurring revenue, along with training videos on how to use and implement it in your own agency or business to sell WordPress site care plans.

What's Inside The WOSG?


The Website Owner’s Survival Guide is supplied as 24-page Google slide document that you can easily customise and brand for your own business.

Critical Website Details

Your client's critical website information all in this one document. WordPress Website, Hosting Company, Hosting Account, Domain, DNS and Email details.

Website Care Schedule

A comprehensive list of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual tasks that your client should be doing to properly maintain and care for their WordPress website.

How To Update WordPress

Letting your client know where to go and how to update WordPress core, plugins and themes. With a link to a how-to video.

Troubleshooting Guide

Giving your clients the heads-up on common issues that happen when updating and caring for a WordPress website. White Screen Of Death, Can't Upload Media, WordPress Debugging + more.

Bonus Stuff

What?? Do you want even more??

OK – I’ll throw in the following goodies as well!

Marketing Email Sequence

The same sales and marketing email sequence that I have used to close the deal and sell website care plans even to the most stubborn of clients during and after your current project as well as what to send them after they purchase your plan.

Training Videos

Tutorial video to show you how easy it is to customise and rebrand your very own Website Owner's Survival Guide to sent to your clients.

“The Website Owner’s Survival Guide is the perfect selling tool for your WordPress site care plans.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, I don’t offer a refund because it’s a downloadable product so you can’t really “return” it.

If you purchased the product thinking it was something else then please drop me a line and we’ll get something worked out.

It’s not a sales trick or a gimmick – just me trying to make some peoples lives easier.

No catch and no upsell.  The only thing on sale here is the WOSG.

There is no premium or pro version of the guide nor any add-ons.

Once you buy the guide that’s it.  I’ll pop you onto an email list but you can unsubscribe from that at any time.

Sure, but with the following conditions:

  1. Rename it
  2. Remove all of my company brandings
  3. Buy me a beer?
  4. If you become a millionaire as a direct result of this guide – tell me how you did it!

Sure, you can use it for your websites but really it’s meant to be a tool you give to your own customers to help them understand how much effort goes into looking after a WordPress website.

Yes, I plan to keep updating and refining the base template and email sequence.

You can get the updates for free, forever.


The guide is a Google slides document and the emails are largely text-based.

You can customise it all.

Yes, it does.  I have personally made $1,000’s from this guide and the email sequence.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I used to mention WordPress site care to a client at the end of a project.

Mostly they saw it as an upsell and said no.

So I left them alone.

But they didn’t leave me alone and kept emailing me asking how to fix A and B on the site.

Long story short I created the WOSG to stop them from asking the common questions that come up.

Then clients started taking out a care package because of all the work they realised had to be done.

WOSG was born!

Yep, there are a few.

It’s not a unique idea.  I’ve just put some effort into creating a template that others can rebrand for themselves.

I’ve also spent a couple of years refining the email sequence to make sure it has a high rate of conversions.

You will need a Google account to make a copy of the Google Slide and Google Doc, into your own Google account.

However, you can download the guide as an MS PowerPoint slide and the email sequence as an MS Word document, fully editable, if you don’t have a Google account.

All purchases on this site are in Australian Dollars and are tax inclusive.